Wednesday, December 7, 2011

QuickBooks Tip: Finding the Report You Need

For many busy business owners, QuickBooks is the go-to accounting software. QuickBooks has made entering invoices, bills, and all kinds of financial transactions as easy as can be, but how does a business owner analyze and make sense of all this data? If you know where to look in QuickBooks, you can find the report you need to answer the questions you have.
QuickBooks provides many preset reports that focus on all aspects of your business finances. These reports can answer many of your business questions, such as:

  1. How much do my customers owe me?
  2. How much do I owe my vendors?
  3. Do I have enough cash?
  4. Which parts of my business are profitable, and which are not?
  5. And most importantly…Am I making money or am I losing money?

While QuickBooks preset reports can answer the questions mentioned above and so much more, how can you find the reports that are tailored to the needs of managing your business? The easiest way to find the report you need is to use the Report Center. In the Report Center, you can:

  1. Browse through report categories and the related reports for each category.
  2. View sample report images and report descriptions.
  3. Create and access a list of your favorite reports.
  4. Quickly access recently reviewed reports.
  5. Search for reports based on words found in its title or description.

The Report Center is a central location for all your reports. From here, you can easily run reports that show all Open Invoices, Sales by Customer, or Sales by Rep, for example. You can even print several different reports all at once!

What is your favorite report? Post a comment and share it with everyone – thanks!

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